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    People always think I’m younger than I am. I have no wrinkles or lines around my eyes. The products have really helped a lot. I use the mink oil and Soft Awakening every day, as well as Emlin’s Under Eye Cover Creme, foundation and blush; those are my basics. The foundation doesn’t weigh you down: everything blends into the skin, so it’s part of it and not on top of it.  I’m not vain, but I like the feeling of skin that feels good -- and my skin doesn’t feel any different than it did at 50!

    -Judy G., Farmington, MI

    Emlin customer for 20 years.



    I live in AZ where there’s zero humidity in the air, so I appreciate that the products are light when they need to be and heavier when they need to be. I especially love the Honey & Almond Masque, which is so gentle on your face but makes the skin feel so much nicer. I use the mink oil every morning: my skin drinks it right up. The whole regimen is easy. People are shocked to learn I’m 60! I’ve been using Emlin since I was a young gal, and I attribute a lot of how my skin looks to their products. We’ve been in the beauty business for 25 years and seen many lines demonstrated, but I remain faithful to Emlin.

    -Joan S., Tucson, AZ

    Emlin customer for 27 years.



    I had a greasy, dry face and couldn’t find a makeup base that agreed with me til I found Emlin liquid makeup. I’m still using that product.. along with Emlin Moisture Cleanser and Soft Awakening Creme. I also like the Ednae Beyond Moisturizer Antioxidant Creme. I’m 72 now and have been using Emlin products since my 40’s. They are part of my face and feel very natural. I don’t have very many wrinkles and I feel confident: my skin’s smooth, creamy and well moisturized. If I use anything else, I break out or my skin feels tight. 

    I’d like to say they are very good about service. The products arrive safe, sound and quick, and with no problems about the billing.

    -LaVerne V., Luxemburg, WI

    Emln customer for 26 years


    I’m not allergic to any of the Emlin products. On a couple occasions I’ve tried something else, and it itched or irritated my skin. I never had any of that with Emlin. I’ve been doing the same regimen twice a day for 20 years: cleanser, toner, Concentree oil, Soft Awakening Creme, and Light Emoisten Creme. I like the results. I also use their perfume.

    Emlin’s customer service is very good. They are always throwing something extra in, like travel sizes of products you use. They may be a bit more expensive than some, but you get what you pay for, and this is one of those cases. I see good results.

    -Jane M., Wabash IN

    Emlin customer for 20+ years



    I’ve used the mink oil, makeup base and moisture cremes every day for 30 years; my sister does too. My mother used these same products until she passed away at age 91, and she looked real good. 

    The products are lightweight and give me a happy feeling, both because of how they look and how they feel on my skin. They are never orange or cakey and spread beautifully. Your skin never feels tight. I’m blessed with good genes but you have to help it along. It’s an age-saver and I never want to be a day without it.

    -Corinne H., Orland Park, IL

    Emlin customer for 30 years



    I’ve been with Emlin since its birth as a private label in the early 70’s. I’d heard rumors about a product that really worked to soften wrinkles and was really pure, which intrigued me since I’m highly allergic. Emlin is not mixed with a lot of ingredients; its concentrate is closest molecularly to human sebaceous oil. That’s what keeps you looking younger: sebum. I use the whole line from head to toe: Lotions, bath gels and makeup – they are all marvelous. I look ten years younger than my age.

    People have a quest to look younger and more beautiful. With the right product, they can do it. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it.

    -Marlene Kornick, Wauconda, IL

    Makeup Artist with Emlin Cosmetics since 1973

    National Sales Director for Emlin for 14 years



    In my experience, you can really see a difference in your face with Emlin. People come up to me when I’m shopping and say I have such beautiful skin:  I’m 66 and I have no wrinkles under my eyes. As a demonstration, we’d do one eye for a new customer, and within a minute the concentrate soaks into the skin and you can see how the eyes soften out. It’s very compelling. I tell my customers, ‘I’m going to make you feel so good today, you’re going to love it!’ and the customers feel better about themselves because they look younger. I can line up 20 women and I will tell you who’s using Emlin by their skin. 

    With their newer Ednae product line, I find that younger people are interested in natural beauty care, not just in putting on makeup. The Ednae line is perfect for this. Its formulations are high tech, really cutting edge. With its emphasis on pure, natural ingredients and botanicals, the skin feels really healthy, smooth and firm. Plus, the products are light, not heavy. Why not do something early on about prevention? And everyone loves a light makeup and good concealer.

    -Madaleine Russo, Norcross GA

    Makeup Artist and Sales Representative with Emlin Cosmetics

    since 1978


    Everything I use has always been very good. I cannot imagine that I would ever stop using Emlin/Ednae products. I know that from the aging process and time in the sun my face would have a lot more wrinkling if not for you products. I also receive my products in a very timely manner. Great Products. If you try it you will like it!

    Judy Klopp


    Nothing works better for dry/normal skin than the oil of mink in Emlin products. I used Emlin years ago when I was able to buy it locally through Marshall Fields in Dallas, TX. After they closed, I went to another product. In 2008, I moved back to Texas, and the products I was using couldn't keep my skin moisturized like I wanted. So I went to an old phone book I had and found the name of the sale's rep. The number was still good, and she helped me with my first order. I've used your products since. I can't tell you the difference I saw immediately in the texture of my skin. I plan on being a user for life! Thank you!

    Polly Harder



    I am 72 years old and nobody believes it because of my good looking skin. I am asked frequently on what beauty products I use. I always tell people about Emlin, but when they see the price they balk. Even though the products is so expensive especially for a retiree like me, I make cuts in other areas so I can continue to use your mink oil products. Thank you for making products to keep me looking younger.

    I have been using Emlin products for 20 years. Have never found anything better and believe me I tried. It costs a bit too much for this retiree, but I give up other things so that I can continue to take care of my skin. God bless Emlin!

    Bernadine Markey



    I have to share my Emlin story! 

    My grandmother, Doris, has been using Emlin products for as long as I can remember. She was always mistaken for my mother when I was growing up, she has fabulous skin! When I would visit her as a child, she would let me play in her make-up cabinet and I always remember her having numerous Emlin products. We would go to Rich's on shopping trips and she would purchase her products there, then when I started driving and would go to the mall, she would ask me to pick her up products at Rich's or Macy's. When I was in my early 20s she told me it was time to start using Emlin and I looked and her and said, I do not have wrinkles! She explained it was a prevention method. So I did just that. She still uses your products at age 77 and still looks absolutely fabulous.


    Thanks again!

    Amanda Hamilton



    Your under eye concealer is a miracle. Seriously the best I've ever come across and it lasts forever. Only problem is my daughters keep stealing it from me and now I need to hide it!

    Ellen Barton



    I discovered Emlin Cosmetics in approximately 1980 while browsing in Marshall Fields in Houston. The clerk gave me some samples which I tried and I returned to the store before returning home to make my purchases. I continued to buy my products at D.H. Holmes in my hometown of New Orleans until the store was bought out and no longer carried Emlin. I have purchased my products via phone and on line since then.


    I have always had what one would call 'good skin', and while my genes play a major part, I am nearly 60 years of age and I am wrinkle free and am thought to be in my early 40s by those who do not know me. I can't imagine using any other skin care products other than Emlin. I love looking like I am not wearing 'make up. The products do not clog your pores or leave an oil build up on your face. They simply enhance what is already there. I am thankful I had time to meander in Houston, which allowed me to discover the best skin care products!

    Crystal Morrison



    I have been using Emlin for over 45 years and from time to time thought I needed to maybe just try something else, but always came back to Emlin. The products cannot be beat and I will never try another product again.

    Thanks, Jane Ballard


    I have used Emlin products since 1982 and I am convinced that's the reason no one thinks I could be as old as I am. I regret the products are not sold over the counter in Atlanta anymore but I have purchased through a local person. My hands-down favorite is the Beyond Moisturizer Anti-Oxidant Cream. Don't go anywhere, Emlin! – Kay Pedrotti


    I happen to be in Chicago for a reading conference back in the late 80's and stopped in at Macy's. I was greeted by a great sales consultant that offered to give me a free make-up session. I loved the products and have used them ever since. No more dry skin in the Winter. – Thelma Webb


    I started using Emlin products 25 years ago.  My skin has always been super sensitive. Allergic to nearly every cosmetic product I tried, I was reluctant to purchase new products, only to discard them after suffering reactions. However, the Emlin Representative at the Marshall Field's Department Store (now Macy's) offered to give me a few samples to try. I used them for six weeks, without any problem!  I became a loyal client of Emlin and Ednae products!  The mink oil ingredient has been terrific. Although I am now in my 60's, my skin has barely any wrinkles or lines. My daughter has also been a confirmed Emlin fan for the past 15 years.  No one can believe she is in her mid-40s and they think her 20 year old daughter is her sister! – Connie Steiner



    I began using Emlin cosmetics over 30 years ago. I receive many compliments on my skin and surprises when people learn I am 78 years old! Thank you Emlin.

    Lois Dick


    I have been using this product for about forty years and love it. I even

    Use it under my makeup

    Natalie Rubin


    I have been using Emlin make-up for more than 25 years. I started using the foundation while working for the Federal Court and purchased from Town and Tweed across from the Courthouse in Big Stone Gap, VA.  They eventually closed and referred me to Massengils in Johnson City TN where they shipped to me for probably 10 to 15 years. I have their phone number in my contacts!  I sold my sister and daughter on the merits of Emlin make-up. Due to the high cost of shipments for all of us, I turned to internet sales hoping to reduce costs.

    I had a bout with pre-cancerous skin cells but my dermatologist approved continued use of Emlin products. I have used it daily for the ensuing years and am 72 years old but frequently have been told that I look much younger. That is probably due in no small part to my dedication to the use of a product so safe and nourishing for my skin.

    Linda Garrett



    I have been using Soft Awakening for over thirty years and began in my late thirties. I cannot say it has stopped the hands of time, there are lines in my face now but my skin is healthy looking. No one believes me when I tell them I am eighty years old. I am also using Extreme Cream now and it works. I use it twice a day for the best results. –Luann Rogers


    Dear Emlin,


    For many years my care consultant has been Madeline Russo.  She is conscientious and professional. I have been an Emlin product consumer since I turned 40 (many years ago!!) and continue to use these products.  The mink oil is the top of the line for fine lines and wrinkles. I have shared many samples with friends, some of whom have become Emlin lovers as well.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful product line that those of us with ultra-sensitive skin can use.

    Virginia D. Gorman


    I have used Emlin products for over 20 years. I am a huge supporter of your products. The mink oil is so special and I cannot imagine starting my day without it. Emlin products are superb. When my mom was dying from cancer and chemo ravaged her, I used to put mink oil on her face and massage her with the body products, and her skin would not look as dry or compromised. Whenever people compliment my skin I always point them to Emlin. I buy Emlin products and send them to my aunts in Europe, so you are being talked about and used from Croatia to Switzerland and Germany. Everyone is amazed at the results they see after they use Emlin.

    Mink Oil will soften lines and feed your skin. The moisturizers and body products are amazing.

    Thank You so much!

    Love, Love, Love Emlin.

    Davorka Brozovic


    I was a long-time Emlin user and then I changed to Clinique.  To date I have not been happy with their products and have thus decided to return to Emlin.  There are two products I never stopped using and have recommended them to many people – one is your mink oil and the other is your emoisten creme.  By far these are two of the best products I have ever used.  I have just ordered a liquid foundation and look forward to once again being happy with my make-up.  I hope that one day you might return to some of the upscale retail stores. Thank you.

    Sandi Alter



    Emlin face products are the best!!!  I have been using them for 20 years and everyone tells me I look much younger than 55!  Thanks Emlin!!!
    Beth E. N. Lanners


    Thank you for the wonderful gift of Emlin Cosmetics.  I have used this cosmetic line for over 30 years and hope never to have to make a change.  What more can I say! It is truly part of my everyday living.  Nancy Davis  


    Many years ago I cruised on several Princess cruises. They provided Emlin soaps etc and my friend and I fell in love. We packed away as much Emlin as we could and brought it home. All these years I have used Emlin soap on my face until recently when I ran out. I was heart sick because I could not remember the name. I did however know it had mink oil in it and with that info I easily found it online. I love going to bed with soft smooth skin with an incredible fragrance which by the way has never changed. Thank you Emlin for maintaining your wonderful product.


    Carole Steiert


    I have been using Emlin foundation since the 1980's. I first purchased it at Marshall Fields and have continued to purchase through a makeup artist ever since through all of our moves. Current home is in Sarasota, Fl. Although I have tried other products, none come close to Emlin.

    Sincerely, Margo Krusing


    I have been using Emlin for the last 30 Years and I have been getting lots of compliments on how soft and wrinkle free my skin appears.  Thank you Emlin! 



    I just wanted to say that I began using your products back in 1987 when I visited Chicago and went to Marshall Fields. I was given some samples and went back before I left and bought several items. I have used the oil of mink, moisture cleanser and under eye cover ever since then.
    I live in West Texas and work outside a lot and your products have protected my skin from the harsh elements. I keep plenty on hand.
    I love Emlin skincare!
    Sheila Schulmeyer


    The best product and service ever!! – Agnes Drop


    I have been using Emlin face products for years and at the age of almost 77 people still comment on the fact that I have no wrinkles, or that I haven't changed a bit. I tell them that I have good genes but that I also use your wonderful product and then tell them what it is and how to get it.

    Thank you Emlin.
    Marilyn Doherty


    I am a 63 year old female who fell in love with the Emlin products in the early 1980's on a shopping trip to Chicago. The Emlin staff were demonstrating the Mink oil product.  I have used other products through the years but always return to my Emlin products.  Thank you for making the best of the best for a reasonable cost. 
    Karen Wilson


    I have been using mink oil for my under eye area, as well as wrinkles, for decades and the results must be obvious because I'm always receiving compliments about how young my eyes look--and I'm almost 70!  This is one product I plan to use for the rest of my life!

    Susanna from Chicago 


    I have been a loyal user of Oil of Mink for over 20 yrs.  I was stopped to test the product while walking through Marshall Fields and have been a loyal user ever since.  I am 57 years old now and many have commented that I don't have wrinkles, especially around my eyes.  I would not give it up for anything!
    Pamela Argubright


    I have used Emlin mink oil, soft Awakening, beyond moisturizer serum, & Ednae for years. I love it! Cannot imagine what my skin would look like without it.
    Sue Grindle


    I use the Beyond Moisturizer and am frankly amazed. I've reach the age where cosmetics advertising is meaningless. If you show a product that makes a 25 year old model's skin glow, do you really believe it will make 60 year old skin look good? No, not anymore and yet Beyond Moisturizer surprises you each time you look in the mirror. It is a product that actually makes a difference. What a surprise in this day of unbelievable claims!

    Diana Hill


    I started using Emlin cosmetics in my late 20's.  I was at Rich's department store in Atlanta and they were having a promotion so I bought some Emlin.  After I moved away from Atlanta I continued making trips to Atlanta to buy more.  When they closed Rich's I didn't know where to find it.  Therefore I started using other lines of cosmetics and kept getting more wrinkles.  (I'm in my 50's now.)  I had almost forgotten about Emlin until I cleaned out a vanity after losing my mother.  I still had a small amount of mink oil.  I used it that night and the next morning could not believe how much smoother and softer my face is!  You better believe that I got online and ordered Oil of Mink Concentree, Emoisten cream, Under eye cover cream and foundation.  My skin is so much softer now and it's only been a little over a week.  I love Emlin!  Thanks for helping me look and feel more beautiful!

    Marilyn Williams

    I've been using Emlin for 30 years!! Wouldn't think of using any other products...everyone says I look like I'm in my 40's and I'm 60!! 
    Gail Whiteside


    Love the mink oil; no real lines at age 55 after 22 years of using Emlin!
    Thanks Emlin.



    I have used the moisture cleanser for many years and everyone asks what I use on my face. – Renee

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